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Cast iron during machining produces
continuous chips
discontinuous chips
continuous chips with built-up-edge
none of these
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Kajol Adhav said:   5 years ago
1. The ductile materials during machining produces continuous chips or continuous chis with built u edge.
2. The brittle materials during machining produces discontinuous chips.

Chandan kumar barik said:   6 years ago
All brittle material during machining produce discontinuous/segmental chips.

SATISH GANDHAM said:   6 years ago
All brittle materials produce a discontinues chips. Cast iron is a brittle material.

Mani said:   7 years ago
Cast iron is the high toughness compare to steel so how to told ci have a lower brittleness.

Ashish Kumar said:   8 years ago
Cast iron is brittle material. The brittleness material produces discontinues chip.

Oluwafemi said:   8 years ago
What then is the difference between continuous and discontinuous chips produce during machining?

Malik said:   8 years ago
Brittle material produced the Discontinues chips.

Venkat said:   8 years ago
Hydrodynamic pressure reached the critical value because of tensile stress.

Wasim Raza said:   9 years ago
Due to brittle material produce discontinuous chips.

Krushna phuke said:   9 years ago
C.I is brittle material. That's way produce discontinue chip.

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