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Screws used for power transmission should have
Low efficiency
high efficiency
very fine threads
strong teeth
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Rahul nimje said:   4 years ago
Screws always design for high power transmission and high efficiency.

Rahul chunara said:   5 years ago
Buttress threaded screw used for power transmission.

Ramaraj said:   6 years ago
What type of screw used for power transmission?

Deepak said:   7 years ago
Preparing for best mechanical engineering.

Nachiket said:   8 years ago
Actually, efficiency of screw should be less than 50% for self-locking.

Yogesh Khaladkar said:   8 years ago
To transmit maximum power without slip.

Rohit Aggarwal said:   9 years ago
The power screw is usually desired to be non reversible, so the must have low efficiency (<50%).

Avinash said:   9 years ago
What is efficiency of screw?

Satish said:   9 years ago
By using screws we can transmit more power efficiently with less losses.

SUJITH said:   9 years ago
For power transmission the efficiency should be high otherwise power losses will be more.

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