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When slack of an activity is negative
it represents a situation where extra resources are available and the completion of project is not delayed
it represents that a programme falls behind schedule and additional resources are required to complete the project in time
the activity is critical and any delay in its performance will delay the completion of whole project
all of the above
Answer: Option
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Harish said:   3 years ago
Slack = Earliest finish time - latest allowable time.

In this case, a negative value means the latest allowable time is more. So it shows option A is right.

HARDIK PATADIYA said:   5 years ago
Slack is the amount of time that an activity can be delayed past its earliest start or earliest finish without delaying the project. The critical path is the path through the project network in which none of the activities have slack, that is, the path for which ES=LS and EF=LF for all activities in the path.

R Praveen said:   6 years ago
At, critical activity, Float or Slack is Zero.

Negative Slack is behind Schedule and
Positive Slack is Ahead of Schedule.

Hence Option B.

Suresh Ku Sahoo said:   8 years ago
If total slack is a positive number, it indicates the amount of time that the task can be delayed without delaying the project finish date. If total slack is a negative number, it indicates the amount of time that must be saved so that the project finish date is not delayed.

Negative slack indicates that there is not enough time scheduled for the task and is usually caused by constraint dates.

By default and by definition, a task with 0 slack is considered a critical task. If a critical task is delayed, the project finish date is also delayed.

Ashish said:   8 years ago
Its. Answer is C that the critical activity leads to -ve slack.

Digvijay Singh said:   1 decade ago
Slack or float is time by which any activity delay without delaying project completion.

Positive slack-----ahead of schedule.

Negative slack------behind the schedule.

Zero slack ---------on the schedule.

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