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The ratio of the inertia force to the elastic force is called

[A]. Reynold's number
[B]. Froude's number
[C]. Weber's number
[D]. Mach number

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ameer said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
Can anybody explain the numbers and their relations (i.e Ratio between which two forces).

Krunal said: (Jul 10, 2017)  
Reynold num=inertia/viscus.
Froude num=sqrt(inertia/gravity).
Mach num=sqrt(inertia/elastic).
Weber num=sqrt(inertia/surface tension force).
Euler num=squrt(inertia/pressure force).

Hassan said: (May 2, 2018)  
Thanks @Krunal.

Prasanna said: (Jul 17, 2021)  
Thanks for explaining @Krunal.

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