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Bulk modulus of a fluid is the ratio of

[A]. shear stress to shear strain
[B]. increase in volume to the viscosity of fluid
[C]. increase in pressure to the volumetric strain
[D]. critical velocity to the viscosity of fluid

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Vinay said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
I'm not understanding the solution. Please explain it clearly.

Manoj Rada said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
Bulk modulu is the ratio of direct stress to the corresponding volumetric strain.

Sravan said: (Apr 10, 2019)  
No, it is wrong because bulk modulus is the ratio of shearstress to the shear strain.

Raj said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Block modules = sherstress/shearstrain.

Rupesh said: (Apr 3, 2020)  
Here, K=dp/(-dv/v).

Jogeswara Rao said: (Aug 3, 2020)  
K = direct stress/volumetric strain.

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