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Which type of the pump is different from others in the same group?
Screw pump
Gear pump
Cam and piston pump
Plunger pump
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Chandra Sekhar Mokina said:   3 years ago

Screw Pump and Gear Pumps are Rotary Pumps.
Piston and Plunger are Reciprocating Pumps.
But all comes under the Positive Displacement type only.

Here the only main difference between them is except Plunger Pump all other types of pumps have their movable parts (Screws, Gears, Piston), that are necessary to increase pressure, inside their respective casings but for Plunger Pump, Plunger will be exposed to atmosphere.

Hence, it is the only one separate from the others.

Atanu said:   3 years ago
Cam and piston pump are reciprocating pump.

Arnab Pujari said:   3 years ago
Plunger pump has piston cylinder arrangement, hence reciprocating in nature while the rest of the pumps are rotary.

Ramkumar Sen said:   4 years ago
Right, Agree, @Kajal Patil.

Kajal Sanjay Patil said:   4 years ago
Plunger pump is reciprocating pump.

Maske said:   6 years ago
Right @Yadav.

Yuvraj Khade said:   7 years ago
Right @Yadav.

Rajesh said:   7 years ago
Yes, you are right @Yadav.

Poojan said:   8 years ago
Right @Yadav.

Anurag said:   8 years ago
Answer is C. Because A, B, and D are reciprocating pumps.

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