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The specific speed from 160 to 500 r.p.m. of a centrifugal pump indicates that the pump is
slow speed with radial flow at outlet
medium speed with radial flow at outlet
high speed with radial flow at outlet
high speed with axial flow at outlet
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Harry said:   8 years ago
A centrifugal pump is impeller rotate outer periphery with high pressure and velocity, collected in the casing.

As the area increases gradually increase the casing is the direction of flow in the flow is axial.

GAURAV said:   4 years ago
How to know about speed and flow type at outlet from specific speed?

Prashant Mungase said:   4 years ago
The Classification of centrifugal pumps based on Specific speed:

Up to 80 - Radial flow pump (10-30=slow, 30-50=medium,50-80=high).
80 to 160 - Mixed flow pump.
160 to 500 - Axial flow pump.

Ref : Turbomachines by B.L.singhal.

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