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The discharge through a reaction turbine __________ with the increase in unit speed.
remains same
Answer: Option
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Hite said:   2 years ago
Thanks for the explanation.

Saraf raj said:   2 years ago
Please anyone explain.

Chandi said:   3 years ago

Yes! You are right. Thanks.

Kajal Patil said:   3 years ago
No @Ruthraa.

Discharge (Q) is inversely proportional to Unit speed (Nu).

Ruthraa said:   4 years ago

As Qu=Q/√ H and Nu=N/√H, so we can get that Q=Qu*Nu/N.

For that discharge increases with an increase in unit speed. Am I right?

Jaya said:   4 years ago
How? Explain @Manoj.

Anomie said:   4 years ago

It increases for Kaplan and decreases for Francis.

Manoj said:   6 years ago
You are right @Dos.

Dos said:   10 years ago
As Qu=Q/root of H and Nu=N/root of H, so we can get that Q=Qu*N/Nu.

For that discharge decreases with increase in unit speed.

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