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Which of the following turbine is preferred for 0 to 25 m head of water?
Pelton wheel
Kaplan turbine
Francis turbine
none of these
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Sumit rawat said:   2 years ago
Low head 10-60 m - Caplan/propeller.

Medium head. 60-300m - Francis turbine.

High head >300m - Pelton turbine.

Venkatesh rudru said:   3 years ago
Low head: Kaplan 10-70m.
Medium head: Francis 40-600m.
High head: Pelton above 300m.

HarsHa said:   6 years ago
Low head : kaplan.

Medium head : francis.

High head : pelton.

Shamik said:   7 years ago
The ascending order is the turbine used according to head is Pelton wheel tb, Francis tb, Proppler tb. Kaplan turbine is a kind of reaction turbine as francis turbine. So the answer is pelton wheel turbine.

Vikas singh said:   7 years ago
You are right @Ashayraj.

Ashayraj N said:   7 years ago
For low head and high discharge Kaplan Tb for Medium head and medium discharge Francis TB and for high head and low discharge Pelton Tb.

Nagendra singh said:   7 years ago
Francis is low head (10-60m) Kaplan medium head (60-300m) &Pelton is the high head (300-2000m).

Jwala said:   7 years ago
Kaplan turbine for low head and high discharge, whereas Francis for high head and low discharge.

Tejaswini said:   7 years ago
It should be pelton turbine.

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