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A jet of water is striking at the centre of a curved vane moving with a uniform velocity in the direction of jet. For the maximum efficiency, the vane velocity is __________ of the jet velocity
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Rajiv said:   1 year ago

I think the given question is single vane concept. So, pelton wheel concept is not applicable.

Akhila said:   2 years ago
I agree with option A, as pelton wheel has curved moving vanes having max efficiency at 1/2.

Vinay BEL said:   4 years ago
One-half is right.

Sdd said:   4 years ago
Is Pelton turbine blade is curved or flat?

Kartik Oraon said:   4 years ago

What is the formula of efficiency in this case?

Kartik Oraon said:   4 years ago
What is the formula of efficiency, in this case? Is it 2u (1+cos(θ) )/(v-u)?

Ali said:   4 years ago
For plane plate its 1/2 and for curved plate its 1/3.

Teja said:   6 years ago
Either flat plate or curved vane, the answer is same for the both and it is option A.

Naga said:   6 years ago
The hydraulic efficiency of an impulse turbine is maximum when the velocity of the wheel is one-half the velocity of a jet of water at the inlet.

Deepak rathva said:   6 years ago
1/3 is correct.
dn/du = 0 for max. n (efficiency).
Solving this we get u = V/3.

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