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The alignment circle is marked on the psychrometric chart at

[A]. 20°C DBT and 50% RH
[B]. 26°C DBT and 50% RH
[C]. 20°C DBT and 60% RH
[D]. 26°C DBT and 60% RH

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Rahul Mourya said: (Jan 26, 2016)  
What is alignment circle?

Pritam Chandel said: (Sep 29, 2017)  
Alignment circle is a reference point on the psychometric chart. It lies within Comfort condition. It generally lies within 24° to 26° DBT and 50%-60% Relative Humidity.

Tejaa said: (Oct 22, 2018)  
The correct answer should be option D.

Anurag said: (Mar 24, 2021)  
Usually, comfort conditions are taken as 24 °C and 50% RH as per Ashrae. Although the comfort range varies as per the region and location. In India even 27° C is comfortable. Although in cold regions 21 °C is selected as the setpoint for energy efficiency in heating.

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