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The relative humidity decreases as air gets wet.
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Mahesh N. Chaudhari said:   2 years ago
R.H increases as the air get wet.

In the psychometric chart if you draw a vertical upward line which indicates the humidification process (add of water vapour) and see there would be an increase in Relative humidity.

Umer said:   2 years ago
The relative humidity is the difference between dry-bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature.

- If dry bulb temp. Increase then RH will increase.
- If wet bulb temp. Increase then RH will decrease.

Pankaj dhatwalia said:   3 years ago
Relative humidity signifies the absorption capacity of air, if initial relative humidity of air is less it will absorb more moisture.

Boyka said:   5 years ago
If we check the psychrometric chart, it should actually increase.

Vin said:   5 years ago
What is the relative humidity if air is 100% saturated? If the answer is 1 relative humidity should increase as it gets wet, right?

Anonymous said:   5 years ago
The relative humidity is the amount of water vapor the air is holding right now as a percentage of what it would be holding if it were saturated. If relative humidity is 20 percent, for example, the air contains 20 percent of the water vapor that it could potentially hold at that temperature. If you increase the temperature, however, the amount of water vapor the air can hold increases, so the relative humidity decreases.

Aniruddhsinh said:   5 years ago
The answer is A because, if air got wet then convert into the liquid and air become dry. Example like Winter.

Ajay said:   6 years ago
No, The Relative humidity should increase.

Rushang surani said:   6 years ago
Relative humidity is about quantity of water vapour dissolved air. When air gets wet, part of vapour gets converted into liquid water. Thus quantity of water vapour left in air decreases. So relative humidity decreases.

Abhinav Chikate said:   6 years ago
If air is getting wet that means the moisture content is increasing, which eventually results in increased relative humidity.

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