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A thermostatic expansion valve in a refrigeration system

[A]. ensures the evaporator completely filled with refrigerant of the load
[B]. is suitable only for constant load systems
[C]. maintains different temperatures in evaporator in proportion to load
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Sandeep said: (Dec 6, 2015)  
Thermostatic valve ensure degree of superheat.

Automatic valve ensure constant pressure.

Bil said: (May 9, 2018)  
The correct answer is C, because the responsibilities of the expansion valve is maintained different temperatures in the evaporator in proportion to the load.

Paul said: (Oct 21, 2018)  
Thermostatic valve ensures pure vapour state of refrigerant to avoid compressor chocking since compressor can only handle gas.

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