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The superheated vapour region, in a pressure enthalpy chart, is represented by the space

[A]. to the left of saturated liquid line
[B]. to the right of saturated liquid line
[C]. between the saturated liquid line and saturated vapour line
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Vpr said: (Sep 15, 2014)  
Right answer is Option [D].

Because it is a region to the right of saturated vapor line.

Nadim said: (Jun 20, 2015)  
Exactly D is answer because it is to the right of saturated vapour line.

Bhaskar said: (Nov 9, 2015)  
Answer D because of the between saturated liquid and saturated vapour lines is called WET REGION SUP Vapour lines always right side of P-H chart.

Safaa Hafedh Hayder said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
This answer is not correct because the super-heated region to the right side of saturated gas.

The correct answer is (D).

Jay Soni said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
Yes, option D is the correct Answer.

Tushar D said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Option D is correct answer.

Dakathedon said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
It is a region to the right of saturated vapor line.

Jaga said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
It is wet vapour region. So, the Correct answer is D.

Srinu said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
The correct answer is B.

Karan said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
The answer is D. I agree.

Arpit said: (Feb 8, 2017)  
It has to be D.

Superheated region is far away from wet zone on right side.

Vivekraj Pd said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
The correct answer out of the given options is B.

Because the super heated vapour region occurs to right of saturated VAPOUR line.

So it is always at right of saturated LIQUID line.

Anjali said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Yes, D is correct answer.

Sanjay Gupta said: (Jun 6, 2017)  
Here, Sub cooled liquid- saturated liquid line - liquid vapour mixture - saturated vapour line - superheated region.

Sandip Burange said: (Jul 31, 2017)  
Superheated vapour region is right to saturated vapour line.

Dharmvir Kumar said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
The Right answer is D.

Neeraj said: (Jan 4, 2018)  

They are asking about the pressure-enthalpy chart not temperature enthalpy chart.

Neeraj said: (Jan 5, 2018)  
It's talking about pressure entropy chart and not temperature entropy chart.

Akhilesh Yadav said: (Mar 11, 2018)  
Yes, D is the correct answer.

Salman Ansari said: (Sep 17, 2018)  
Yes, D is the answer.

Kedar said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
D, It is right towards saturated vapor line.

Zahraa said: (Jan 27, 2019)  
Yes, D is the correct answer.

Dixit said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
Yes, the corrrect Answer is D.

Shrey Shivam said: (Jul 31, 2019)  
Yes, the Right answer is D.

Naresh said: (Aug 3, 2019)  
The correct answer is D because the superheated region always lies on the right of the superheated vapour line.

Juzair said: (Nov 29, 2019)  
Yes, Option D is correct because the superheat steam region in P-h chart is located on the right of saturated vapour line.

Pravin Manohar said: (Jan 10, 2020)  
In PH chart, superheated vapour region is represented by space right side from the saturated vapour line. So option D is right.

Akshay Handge said: (Apr 20, 2020)  

The superheated vapour region is always right to the saturated vapour line, No matters diagram is Ph or any other.

Chauhan said: (Jul 30, 2020)  
Yes, D is right.

Right said: (Sep 22, 2020)  
Here it is option D, To the right of the saturated vapour line, is the correct answer.

Harsha said: (Nov 14, 2020)  
Option D is correct. I too agree.

Mansoor Ahamed said: (Mar 2, 2021)  
Superheated zone is the right side of the saturated vapour line so the right answer is D.

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