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The condition of refrigerant after leaving the compressor and before entering the condenser is superheated vapour.
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Prashant S. Bulbule said:   6 years ago
Because the main function of a compressor to heat the refrigerant & increase the pressure. Pressure increases cause the temp. Increase in refrigerant due to this super heated vapour.

In the condenser, refrigerant found vapour form because refrigerant comes from the evaporator before entering the condenser. The function of the evaporator is to extract the heat & cool the evaporative area. Due to this reason, the refrigerant is heated & in the form of vapour.

Nishant said:   7 years ago
Answer should be B because there are a lot of operations between compressor and condenser. We can not have superheated refrigerant for all operations.

Prasenjit said:   1 decade ago
I think actually it depends on the type of operation. Before entering the compressor, refrigerant fluid may or may not be in the superheated zone.

As the question directs for the optimum answer we should go for the option A.

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