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The formation of frost on cooling coils in a refrigerator

[A]. increases heat transfer
[B]. improves C.O.P. of the system
[C]. increases power consumption
[D]. reduces power consumption

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Gokul said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
Because due to frosting the heat transfer may be decreased in evaporator. So it takes more time to reach the cooling. It may increase the running cost of compressor.

Biswojit said: (Aug 23, 2013)  
Due to frost the system runs continuously. So increase the power consumption.

Raviteja said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Once the frost is formed, it doesn't need to get form again, frost is stucked on coils, soair directly comes out cooling pad.

Vicky said: (May 21, 2014)  
I think during formation of frost only a part of latent heat is absorbed by the evaporator coils during frosting which will finally effect the overall heat transfer results in increasing the compressor effort.

Honey said: (Apr 17, 2015)  
Due to presence of frost it acts as a insulator which create as barrier for heat flow.

Roja said: (May 28, 2015)  
What is the meaning of frost?

Haris said: (Jun 11, 2015)  
You may also resemble frost as icing, which reduces efficiency of a refrigerating unit.

A,Thirumurugan said: (Jan 25, 2016)  
What's meaning of frost?

Please explain brief?

Ali said: (Mar 26, 2016)  

The formation of ambient water vapours (gas) into ice is called frost.

Prince said: (Oct 31, 2016)  
Due to the formation of frost, we need more RE for cooling the same refrigerator because of the fact that frost will act as an insulator.

Pradeep Gk said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Frost is a formation of ice particles on evaporator coil.

Mohd Raza said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
Frost is heat barrier for heat transmission in evaporator coil due to which power is required more for same work.

Kaustubh said: (Oct 18, 2018)  
Frost becomes an obstruction for heat flow. That results in increase in power consumption for getting same amount of cooling.

Pradeep Sharma said: (Apr 26, 2020)  
Refrigerant will flow hardly in cooling coils so increase power consumption.

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