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In a heat exchanger with one fluid evaporating or condensing, the surface area required is least in
parallel flow
counter flow
cross flow
all of these
Answer: Option
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Saurabh Mangal said:   3 months ago
The correct answer should be a cross-flow heat exchanger.

However, the surface area for parallel and counter-flow heat exchangers will be the same but more than cross-flow.

Rashid Khan Kakar said:   2 years ago
It's Only in counter flow.

Rohit said:   2 years ago
In case of evaporating & conditioning, the logarithemic temperature is all cases. So, Area will also be the same.

BHARGAV said:   4 years ago
Please explain in detail.

Nirmal said:   5 years ago
Because in the phase transformation process parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger becomes identical in nature hence all of these is the correct answer.

Srk said:   6 years ago
Please explain it.

Arun kumar said:   6 years ago
Evaporating & condensing independent of type of flow.

IMRAN said:   6 years ago
Explain please.

Ganesh said:   8 years ago
Crossflow and counterflow.

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