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In a shell and tube heat exchanger, baffles are provided on the shell side to

[A]. improve heat transfer
[B]. provide support for tubes
[C]. prevent stagnation of shell side fluid
[D]. all of these

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Krishna said: (Oct 1, 2015)  
Why would you have stagnation of shell fluid - It is counter productive for heat transfer- hence C is not correct.

Baffles do not help in improving heat transfer - It actually reduces by restricting movement of fluid hence A is not correct. Hence B is correct answer in this scenario.

Om Nagar said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
And D is right, baffles improving heat transfer due to turbulent flow.

Saikumar said: (Aug 3, 2020)  
The functions of baffles are;

1) to create the turbulence by changing the direction of flow.
2) to support the tube.

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