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Thermal diffusivity is a

[A]. function of temperature
[B]. physical property of a substance
[C]. dimensionless parameter
[D]. all of these

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Ashutosh Kumar said: (Dec 20, 2013)  
Thermal diffusivity is a physical property because it is the ratio of ability of the medium to conduct heat to the heat absorbing capacity.

Thermal diffusivity, (thermal conductivity/product of density and specific heat at constant pressure).

Pranesh said: (Nov 23, 2014)  
It is a function of temperature, since density is temperature dependent.

It is a physical property of the substance since k, thermal conductivity is a physical property.

It is not a dimensionless parameter.

Anil Pandey said: (Apr 9, 2015)  
Yes this is also function of temperature.

Pranay said: (May 14, 2016)  
No, it is not at all the function of temperature, density variation in solids with respect to temperature cannot be realized as it can be in liquids and gases.

Diffusivity denotes the ability of a substance to conduct the heat with respect to its ability to store the heat (heat capacity) = k/pc.

Omprakash Kumar said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
It is the physical property of material.

Amu said: (May 18, 2017)  
Dimensions is m^2/sec.

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