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A rocket works with maximum overall efficiency when air-craft velocity is __________ the jet velocity.
equal to
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Rekha said:   1 decade ago
Rocket is a non air breathing engine, which doesn't depends on air.

It depends only on jet velocity. So jet velocity should be more than its aircraft velocity in this case.

Manoj said:   1 decade ago
According to kelvin planks statement we can't obtain the 100% efficiency. So we can't convert 100% work in another 100% work (i.e 100% velocity to another 100% velocity). It should be less then 100%.

Anuj said:   10 years ago
It should be equal to because for maximum efficiency the aircraft should move to its maximum velocity. As we know,

F = m*(vj-vi).

Aravindh.M said:   10 years ago
Sigma = u/cj;
For maximum sigma = 0.5, So 1/2.

Mahaboobbasha said:   8 years ago
Absolute velocity of a non-air breathing rocks jet velocity is always greater than its air jet velocity.

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