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The workdone on a compressor will be minimum if air is taken from
the atmosphere
a source at 0° C
a source of low temperature air
a source of high temperature air
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Vinay said:   3 years ago
Given answer is correct as the specific volume of gas is directly proportional to its temp and at low temp it's value will be lesser. Now in case of open system work input is directly proportional to specific volume so at low temp work input will be lesser.

Vinay said:   4 years ago
A source of high-temperature air is the correct answer.

Joe said:   4 years ago
Desired output pressure can only be achieved only by HIGH-TEMPERATURE AIR.

Low temperature air can only increase the specific work. Rather it will minimize the efficiency as well as the WD.

Anomies said:   6 years ago
From a cold state, to compress air more work need to be done than from a hotter state. As well water vapor will also get saturated. And compressor can't handle mixed air or any liquid Particle.

So, hotter fluid will decrease the work consumption since less power required to reach the required output pressure.

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