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Which of the following statement is wrong?

[A]. In a two stage reciprocating air compressor with complete intercooling, maximum work is saved.
[B]. The minimum work required for a two stage reciprocating air compressor is double the work required for each stage.
[C]. The ratio of the volume of free air delivery per stroke to the swept volume of the piston is called volumetric efficiency.
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Avinash Sharma said: (Jan 10, 2016)  
Please explain it?

Tamu said: (May 25, 2018)  
B should be the answer. It's never double but less than that.

Refer PV diagram.

Shiva said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Yeah, B is the right answer.

Nani said: (Jun 2, 2020)  
B is the right one.

Joy said: (Sep 3, 2020)  
D is right. Minimum work for a 2 stage compressor (WITH PERFECT INTERCOOLING) is double of that required for each stage.

Chhotu said: (Jul 10, 2021)  
D is the right answer.

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