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The ratio of the indicated power to the shaft power or brake power of the motor or engine required to drive the compressor, is called
compressor efficiency
volumetric efficiency
isothermal efficiency
mechanical efficiency
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Deepak Singh said:   7 years ago
If IP is in the numerator, as we know IP is always greater than BP. The efficiency will be above 100 percent. Which is not possible.

So, it should be BP/IP for all machines.

Jnk said:   7 years ago
Mechanical efficiency = brake power /ip.

Ankit chaudhari said:   7 years ago
Yes, Chander Kant you are right for mechanical efficiency of an IC engine but this mechanical efficiency is for the compressor & this efficiency is also right for compressor mechanical efficiency.

CHANDER KANT said:   8 years ago
But I think mechanical efficiency is the ratio of brake power to indicated the power.

Am I right? Please suggest me.

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