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An aftercooler is used to
remove impurities from air
reduce volume of air
cause moisture and oil vapour to drop out
cool the air
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Gurudas Goswami said:   10 months ago
The after-cooler is a heat exchanger intended to reduce the temperature of the hot air discharged from the compressor to approximately 15 to 25°C above that of the ambient air.

Two basic types of after-coolers are (1) air-cooled after-cooler and (2) water-cooled after-cooler.

The air-cooled after-cooler uses the ambient air to cool the hot air discharged from the compressor.

In the water-cooled after-cooler, the hot compressed air is passed through the after-cooler tubes and cooling water is passed in the opposite direction through the after-cooler shell.

The counter-current flow provides an effective method for reducing the temperature of the compressed air by reducing the temperature, most of the suspended water vapour and some oil vapour will condense to the liquid state.

The liquid is then drained away from the system.

Kundan kr said:   3 years ago
D must be the right answer.

Kundan kr said:   3 years ago
Intercooler and aftercooler purpose is same as to cool the air. If the cooling is to be done between the stages the cooler is called intercooler and after last stage, the cooler is aftercooler.

So, the Answer must be to cool the air.

Joy said:   3 years ago
Agree, C is the correct answer.

Virat said:   3 years ago
Aftercooler cools the air at constant pressure, thereby reducing the volume, hence storage/container size can be reduced.

So, the Answer is B.

Muiz Azhar said:   4 years ago
C is the correct answer. Agree with the given answer.

Arpit pt. raja said:   5 years ago
Anyone, Please clarify this in clear.

Anomii said:   5 years ago
The answer should be to reduce the volume of air.

RIYAZ PATHAN said:   10 years ago
After cooler is a device used in multistage compressor in between compressor and receiver the main purpose of these to cooling down the air before send it to receiver and reduces the volume of air.

So answer is to reduce volume of air.

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