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In a reciprocating air compressor, the compression work per kg of air
increases as clearance volume increases
decreases as clearance volume increases
is independent of clearance volume
increases as clearance volume decreases
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Vinay BEL said:   4 years ago
Increases as clearance volume increases.

Birendra kumar verma said:   4 years ago
Answer is D.

Because with Decrease in clearance volume compressor work will increase. Because sweft volume get increases.

K910 said:   4 years ago
The answer is A it obvious as clearance volume increase the compression ratio increase and work required by compressor and compression work increase as clearance volume increase more mass flow rate at same temp and pressure as dimension are cont.

Thela said:   5 years ago
Please explain.

Basant said:   5 years ago
How? Someone please clarify.

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