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A large clearance Volume in a reciprocating compressor results in
reduced volume flow rate
increased volume flow rate
lower suction pressure
lower delivery pressure
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Vaibhav said:   4 years ago
vol efficiecy= 1-c[(p1/p2)^(1/n) -1]..

Hence as c increases vol eff decreases (c=clearece ratio);
vol eff=(Vol flowrate)/Vactual.

Aspimeh said:   4 years ago

Just imagine a cycle pump if you take less suction stroke the volume flow gets reduced drastically but the pressure ratio doesn't get affected much and if you increase the suction stroke to the maximum you will get the increased volume as well as increased pressure.

Salahuddin said:   4 years ago
Why not delivery pressure?

It will surely reduce. Imagine a large clearance volume. Try to compress air inside it. Obviously, the delivery pressure will be less.

Rami said:   5 years ago
In this case. More time is needed to complete the stroke. Then t become larger and the capability decrease.

For the pressure delivery, it will stay the same P=F/A. Force and cylinder cross-section area still constant.

Sinner said:   6 years ago
What about efficiency?

Rishabh mendiratta said:   6 years ago
There should be lower delivery pressure, right?

Swapna rawat said:   7 years ago
Can anyone explain with formula? Please.

Pratik chudasama said:   8 years ago
Because decrease swept volume so reduced volume flow rate. And increase its suction pressure & delivery pressure.

Aditya said:   8 years ago
How can it be possible? Please explain me!

Ram Mohan Kartha said:   8 years ago
And low delivery pressure.

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