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The ratio of workdone per cycle to the stroke volume of the compressor is known as

[A]. compressor capacity
[B]. compression ratio
[C]. compressor efficiency
[D]. mean effective pressure

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Lol said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
What is this? No discussions on this topic.

Johnwick said: (Oct 4, 2019)  
MEP in bar=(power in KW x 60) / (L xA x(N/n) x No. of cylinder x100).

Where, L=stroke length.
A= c/s area.
N = Rotational speed of engine RPM.
n= number of revolutions required to complete one engine cycle.

Virat said: (Aug 30, 2020)  
work = p * dv, where p is the mean effective pressure and dv is swept volume.

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