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The inlet pressure is always __________ the discharge pressure.

[A]. equal to
[B]. less than
[C]. more than

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Raju Pedapudi said: (Nov 18, 2013)  
Always anything flows from higher pressure to the lower pressure.

But in this question inlet pressure is always less than the discharge pressure then how flow takes place.

My intention is inlet pressure is always greater than the outlet pressure then only flow will be takes place. Because anything flows from higher pressure to lower pressure.

Abdulazis Mastur said: (Apr 12, 2014)  
How does the inlet pressure are less than the discharge pressure? example. 50PA from inlet how much the discharge? we consider the pressure losses?

Anuj said: (Jun 17, 2014)  
Here the compressor are used so what is the basic work of the compressor is to increase the pressure so if the pressure at inlet is more than the whole concept of compressor goes wrong.

Hence the inlet pressure is always less than outlet pressure.

Srk said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
Thanks @Anuj.

Sharan said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
Thanks @Anuj.

Anand said: (Dec 6, 2018)  
When the compressor is working the pressure will increase, because of reducing the area of the compressor. So, the inlet pressure is always less than outlet pressure of the compressor.

Seenu said: (Aug 7, 2019)  
Inlet pressure<Discharge pressure.

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