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The compressed air may be used
in gas turbine plants
for operating pneumatic drills
in starting and supercharging of I.C. engines
all of the above
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Akshay Swami said:   9 years ago
The answer is D because.

1) In gas turbine before of gases there must be a compressed air then and then only it's expand ended in turbine.

2) As the name sounds pneumatic drill. In pneumatic machines the working fluid is compressed air.

3) In superchargers there is also need of compressed air, because supercharger is also like a small gas turbine it has only one shaft on which compressor as well as turbine is fitted.

So the answer D is correct.

Malik ishfaq said:   9 years ago
I think for all, due to stored pressure energy.

Ankit sharma said:   1 decade ago
No it is used in supercharging of car for extent the supply of oxygen through the cylinders.

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