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The major purpose of an electronically-controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission
eliminates gear clutches
eliminates the gear shift lever
reduces the number of automatic-transmission components
reduces shift shock and achieves more efficient transmission of engine torque
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Jothimani c said:   9 years ago
Shift shock means and why we choose.

Jagdish Kumar said:   8 years ago
What do you mean by shift shock?

Rajiv Ramaswamy said:   8 years ago
Shift shock is the vibration that occurs during the gear shifting.

Rohini said:   7 years ago
Shift shock means?

Abbal Singh said:   7 years ago
What is the gear ratio?

Parveen said:   4 years ago
@Abbal Singh

gear ratio is the ratio of numbers of teeth of two gears or may the ratio of their speeds .mathematically gear ratio=T1/T2.
Where t1&t2 are number of teeth of gear1&2.
In the case of speed ratio, it would be S1/S2.
Where s1&s2 are speed of gear1&2.

Thakur ji said:   3 years ago
Shift shock is the Sound or vibrations during gear change. In automatic transmission system the gear changes Automatically with increase or decrease in speed. That will cause less vibration or sound as compared to manual transmission.

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