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When the vehicle is at rest, the clutch is in engaged position.
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Kapil Garg said:   2 years ago
It depends upon whether the car is in gear or neutral. If the car is in gear, the clutch must be disengaged position.

Ashutosh said:   5 years ago
Clutch was in reset position.

Nikunj patel said:   5 years ago
Clutch always to engaged possition when the vehicle park and rest possition (Rest possition means no person in vehicle).

Md waris said:   6 years ago
Here, it does not mention that engine is ideal or run. Then how it is processed?

Setto Begashaw said:   7 years ago
Here we have to consider that whether the engine is running or not? but no information about the engine.

So let me put the possible answer. If engine is running, Answer is B otherwise A.

Jks said:   7 years ago
A is correct and cos when the vehicle in rest it is engaged that's why you applied clutch during the start to disengage.

Kasar said:   8 years ago
No it is in disengaged condition. They are not say that vehicle is in ideal condition.

Basavaraj SH said:   8 years ago
By default it is engaged position.

Abhishek said:   9 years ago
When vehicle is at rest the engine is disengaged from clutch.

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