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A battery can be charged by
adding distilled water
adding sulphuric acid
applying voltage in the reverse direction to that of charging
applying a voltage in the same direction to that of charging
Answer: Option
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Prince said:   6 years ago

How do you think the polarity will vary the charging and discharging principle. Is it the same polarity for both?

To charge 12v battery connect red (positive) charger terminal to positive terminal post on the battery and black (ground terminal) to the negative battery post. And when we want to use the battery power we plug at the same terminal!

Varun Sharma said:   6 years ago
To discharge the battery we have to reverse the direction of applied voltage.

Naresh said:   7 years ago
In this positive pole is connected to positive pole of the battery and negative to negative pole of the battery for charging and for discharging positive to negative and negative to positive irrespective of voltage.

Krish said:   7 years ago
You are correct @Prasu.

Shankar said:   7 years ago

But in answer applying voltage not the chemical reaction.

Prasu said:   9 years ago
If you want to charge a battery then you must have to reverse the chemical action takes place while discharging. So, in (C) option it must be discharging instead of charging.

Udit said:   1 decade ago
What is it mean by applying voltage in the reverse direction to that of charging?

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