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The number of exhaust manifolds in a V-6 engine are
Answer: Option
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Narender said:   3 years ago
It's depend on design, but in v type either it is 6 cylinder or 8 or 12, its mandatory that we have to provide two seprate exhaust manifold for better efficency of engine.

Shrey said:   5 years ago
Engines with their cylinders arranged in-line usually have one exhaust manifold. Engines with V-type cylinder arrangements, like the V6 and V8, have two separate exhaust manifolds, one mounted to each cylinder head.

Tribhuvan said:   5 years ago
Correct answer is 2.

Roni said:   7 years ago
What is the correct answer? Please tell me.

Rajan rai said:   7 years ago
It depends upon the design which is prepared by a company. It is not necessary the two manifold in V6 engine.

Satish said:   7 years ago
V-6 engine in 1. The intake manifold 2. Exhaust manifolds.

Jayaram said:   7 years ago
In Mercedes-Benz, there is only one exhaust manifold used.

Expert in auto said:   8 years ago
Its depend on design whether to merge manifolds at end or not. But options shows that two exhaust manifold which means that one from left and another from opposite side. That makes two exhaust manifold.

Savyasachi said:   9 years ago
According to options available we can say its 2 but it completely depends on no of heads engine is having.

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