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The best fuels for compression ignition engines are
straight chain paraffins
branched chain paraffins
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Arun said:   12 months ago
Option A is the right answer.

Pankaj dhatwalia said:   2 years ago
A. Straight chain paraffin is the right answer.

Dinesh said:   3 years ago
Straight chain paraffin is the right answer.

Vinay BEL said:   3 years ago
Straight chain paraffin is the right one.

Shivam said:   4 years ago
The property of ignition lag is generally measured in terms of retane number. Cetane, straight-chain paraffin with good ignition quality, is arbitrarily assigned a rating of 100 cetane number. It is mixed with alpha-methyl-naphthalene, a hydrocarbon with poor ignition quality, which is assigned 0 cetane number.

Rajat said:   5 years ago
Cetane as 100 while alpha methyl naphthalene is 0. So it is normal chain paraffin (paraffin).

Rahul said:   5 years ago
Naphthalene is used in race cars as a booster fuel.

Chinmaya G A said:   5 years ago
Sir why naphthalene only using? Explain.

Deep said:   5 years ago
Parrafine is more suitable for CI engine and aromatic is used for SI engine.

Syed Sameer said:   5 years ago
The paraffin are major constituents of natural gas and petroleum. Branched-chain paraffins have a much higher octane number rating than straight-chain paraffins and, therefore, are the more desirable constituents of gasoline. The hydrocarbons are immiscible with water. All paraffins are colourless.

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