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In a four speed four-stroke Diesel engine, the intake valve
opens at T.D.C. and closes at B.D.C.
opens at 20° before T.D.C. and closes at 35° after B.D.C.
opens at 10° after T.D.C. and closes at 20° before B.D.C.
none of the above
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Ahsan gulzar said:   6 years ago
Inlet valve due to inertia effect and the time required in attaining full opening. The inlet valve is made to open somewhat earlier than TDC so that by the time the piston reaches TDC the valve is fully open. The greater charge can be sucked in by opening the inlet valve before TDC and closing it 40-45° after BDC increases the potential output of the engine.

Kumar said:   5 years ago
Why diesel engine exhaust valve closing before TDC?

Mahadi said:   5 years ago
Exhaust valve never close before TDC. Always close after 15° TDC.

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