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The calorific value of petrol is about
36.5 - 38.5 MJ/kg
39.4 - 42.5 MJ/kg
42.7 - 43.5 MJ/kg
45.5 - 47 MJ/kg
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Navneet kumar said:   2 years ago
For petrol, calorific value is 45.8MJ/kg.

And for diesel, calorific value is 45.5MJ/KG.

Satyam chopkar said:   3 years ago
The correct Answer is D.

Dharmik said:   5 years ago
Answer C is right. Diesel is denser than petrol and here we can conclude that the energy produced by diesel is more than the energy produced by petrol.

Vishal said:   5 years ago
I think petrols CV is 45.5. So D is the right answer.

Snehasish said:   5 years ago
Answer is right, for diesel engine its value 42.5.

Shaikh gulam said:   6 years ago
The answer is incorrect. Gross calorific value for petrol is 46.4 so the answer should be D.

Subhash said:   6 years ago
How to find calorific value without given temperature and liter?

Santosh Bangaya said:   7 years ago
What is catalytic converter? Explain me.

Gunasagar said:   7 years ago
Calorific value (plural calorific values) The amount of energy produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. Measured in units of energy per amount of material, e.g. KJ/kg. The amount of energy available from an item of food when digested, mostly from carbohydrates and fats.

Bakkiyaraj said:   8 years ago
What is calorific value?

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