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The connecting rods are generally made of __________ shaped cross-section.
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Punit kongi said:   8 years ago
We use I shape connecting rod in IC engine because it has high sectional modulus when compared to other shape.

Yoganand said:   5 years ago
I section have a fatigue strength. (Fatigue strength means with stand repeated and reversal loads.

Nana Osei said:   5 years ago
I think when made in I shape it can bend easy so I think it will be good to made in H shape.

Barse santosh d. said:   10 years ago
In accordance to the space available & easy in operation.

Humphrey wasiah said:   9 years ago
A, according to the space and working condition.

Milan said:   5 years ago
Yes, I section has less moment of inertia.

Vaibhav said:   7 years ago
I section have less moment of inertia.

Monsi Kurian said:   10 years ago
I section has less Moment of Inertia.

Amaresh said:   8 years ago
The I section is very high strength.

Kerdharan said:   8 years ago
I agree @Amaresh.

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