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Directions to Solve
Find the statement that must be true according to the given information.

Sara lives in a large city on the East Coast. Her younger cousin Marlee lives in the Mid-west in a small town with fewer than 1,000 residents. Marlee has visited Sara several times during the past five years. In the same period of time, Sara has visited Marlee only once.
Marlee likes Sara better than Sara likes Marlee.
Sara thinks small towns are boring.
Sara is older than Marlee.
Marlee wants to move to the East Coast.
Answer: Option
Since the paragraph states that Marlee is the younger cousin, Sara must be older than Marlee. There is no information to support the other choices.
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Hussaini Abdullah said:   3 years ago
Mean Sara she lived at a city where, there is more infrastructure than her youngest sister Marlee. However Sara visited her cousin sister Marlee because she is older than her. And Sara she can able to live on her cousin sister Marlee due to her level of seniority. Mean the correct option : C&B.

Khutjo said:   4 years ago
But how does Sara being older has to do with anything?

According to me, it is option B and D. This of who is older or younger than who makes no sense at all.

Piyush boricha said:   6 years ago

Because the second sentence is stated that Sara is older than Marlee.

Prashant said:   8 years ago

1st person is Sara. "Her Younger Cousin Marlee" is specifically denoting Sara as "Her".

Dushanthi said:   9 years ago

Here we concern on marlee and saraa only. Not other members of their family. When comparing other three answers C is the correct one.

Shweta said:   9 years ago
How can one say sara is older? it is given that "younger cousin marlee" which might mean that among all her cousins marlee is younger.

But its not that marlee is younger than saraa. It might be might not be need correct explanation to this.

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