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Directions to Solve
Remember, you are looking for the word that does NOT belong in the same group as the others. Sometimes, all four words seem to fit in the same group. If so, look more closely to further narrow your classification.

Which word does NOT belong with the others?
Answer: Option
Biology, chemistry, and zoology are all branches of science. Theology is the study of religion.
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Reshma said:   6 years ago
Biology may also be the answer. While other three includes only singular subject and Biology comprises of botany and zoology.

Narssh said:   6 years ago
The 'logy' are all words derived from 'a particular study of a substance' and bio, theo, zoo. Hence chemistry is a branch of science. I am not going as logy didn't match but you stated that. It's a branch of science and I went as a different study.

Gandalf said:   10 years ago
Option B is also valid: chemistry is the only word that does not ends with "ology. ".

It is not clearly stated that we are comparing the definition of the words and not the words themselves.

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