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Directions to Solve
Remember, you are looking for the word that does NOT belong in the same group as the others. Sometimes, all four words seem to fit in the same group. If so, look more closely to further narrow your classification.

Which word does NOT belong with the others?
Answer: Option
The core, seeds, and pulp are all parts of an apple. A slice would be a piece taken out of an apple.
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Nandini said:   7 years ago
Please mention the correct answer.

Vedant said:   10 years ago
Core, pulp, slice can be treated as a representative sample of a thing but seeds is not a representative sample of a material under study. So I think its would be seeds. SOME BODY suggest.

Jojo said:   9 years ago
You can core an apple, you can pulp an apple and you can slice and apple, but you cannot 'seeds' an apple. For that reason I chose seeds as not belonging.

Mounika said:   8 years ago
What is mean by core?

Namrata said:   8 years ago
What is mean by pulp?

Vadhel mukesh said:   8 years ago
Core is apple centre part.

Durga said:   7 years ago
What is mean by pulp?

Timmy said:   7 years ago
Seeds must be the answer not slice. Somebody clarify it.

Akhilesh said:   7 years ago
Pulp means the juice of anything and as there the centre part of the Earth is called core and we can take any sphere in the place of Earth.

Varsha said:   7 years ago
Pulp is in liquid form and the other three are in solid form. So, I think pulp is the odd one.

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