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Discussion :: Verbal Classification - Type 1 (Q.No.16)

Three of the words will be in the same classification, the remaining one will not be. Your answer will be the one word that does NOT belong in the same classification as the others.


Which word does NOT belong with the others?

[A]. book
[B]. index
[C]. glossary
[D]. chapter

Answer: Option A


An index, glossary, and chapter are all parts of a book. Choice a does not belong because the book is the whole, not a part.

Naveen said: (Jan 18, 2015)  

Shanaya said: (Feb 12, 2015)  
List of words with their definitions called Glossary?

Nitesh Bihari said: (Apr 6, 2017)  
What is index?

Kuhelika said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
Why not index?

Teju said: (Jul 19, 2018)  
In a book there is an index which indices the chapters and in chapters there are so many definitions for words which is called glossary. So index, chapter, glossary are the parts of a book. Hence the answer is book.

Fenil said: (Sep 4, 2020)  
I think Glossary is right option.

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