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Each of the following questions contains a small paragraph followed by a question on it. Read each paragraph carefully and answer the question given below it.

The virtue of art does not allow the work to be interfered with or immediately ruled by anything other than itself. It insists that it alone shall touch the work in order to bring it into being. Art requires that nothing shall attain the work except through art itself.

This passage best supports the statement that:
art is governed by external rules and conditions.
art is for the sake of art and life.
art is for the sake of art alone.
artist realises his dreams through his artistic creation.
artist should use his art for the sake of society.
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Dilli Prasad Dhakal said:   4 years ago
Question clears that in last paragraph the work except through are itself. so, Option C is correct.

Raj said:   6 years ago
Could someone explain how is it C?

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