Logical Reasoning - Statement and Assumption - Discussion

In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer

  • (A) If only assumption I is implicit
  • (B) If only assumption II is implicit
  • (C) If either I or II is implicit
  • (D) If neither I nor II is implicit
  • (E) If both I and II are implicit.


Statement: "A visit of school children to forest to widen their knowledge of natural resources has been arranged." - A notice in the school.


  1. Forests are full of natural resources.
  2. Children are likely to learn from their interaction with the new environment.

[A]. Only assumption I is implicit
[B]. Only assumption II is implicit
[C]. Either I or II is implicit
[D]. Neither I nor II is implicit
[E]. Both I and II are implicit

Answer: Option E


The forests shall be visited to increase the knowledge of natural resources. This means that forests abound in natural resources. So, I is implicit. The children are being taken to forests to help them learn more practically. So, II is also implicit.

Paul said: (Mar 26, 2015)  
It's not implicit children will learn. The whole group might remain unenlightened.

Abhi said: (Feb 21, 2016)  

That is why likely is mentioned in the statement.

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