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Discussion Forum : Statement and Assumption - Section 6 (Q.No. 39)
Directions to Solve

In each question below is given a statement followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions, decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement and choose your answer accordingly.


Statement: The employees association has appealed to the Managers of Company Z to introduce written examinations for clerical cadre recruitment to prevent selection of incompetent persons.


  1. So far the Company Z used to select candidates without conducting a written examination.
  2. A written examination can help to identify competent persons.
  3. At higher level, written examination may not be of much use.

Only I and II are implicit
Only II and III are implicit
Only I and III are implicit
Only III is implicit
None of these
Answer: Option
An appeal has been made to 'introduce' written examination. This means that so far written examination was not conducted. So, I is implicit. II follows directly from the statement and so it is implicit. However, nothing can be deduced about the mode of selection at higher level. So, III is not implicit.
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