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Discussion Forum : Statement and Argument - Section 3 (Q.No. 3)
Directions to Solve

Each question given below consists of a statement, followed by three or four arguments numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to decide which of the arguments is/are 'strong' arguments) and which is/are 'weak' arguments) and accordingly choose your answer from the alternatives given below each question.


Statement: Should all the school teachers be debarred from giving private tuitions?


  1. No. The needy students will be deprived of the expertise of these teachers.
  2. Yes. This is an injustice to the unemployed educated people who can earn their living by giving tuitions.
  3. Yes. Only then the quality of teaching in schools will improve.
  4. Yes. Now salary of these teachers is reasonable.

Only I and III are strong
Only I, II and III are strong
Only III and IV are strong
Only II, III and IV are strong
None of these
Answer: Option
Only III is strong. The lure of earning private tuitions reduces the efforts and devotion of the teachers towards the students in schools. So, if tuitions are banned, students can benefit from their teachers' knowledge in the school itself. So, argument III holds strong while I does not. However, a person cannot be barred from earning more just because he already has a good salary. So, argument IV is vague. Further, the unemployed people thriving on tuitions can survive with the school teachers holding tuitions too, if they are capable enough to guide the students well. So, argument II also does not hold strong.
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Mankit alswaria said:   2 years ago
What about option one? Anyone explain clearly.

Abhishekh said:   6 years ago
Yes, 3 is vague because the ONLY word take the statement under weak category.

Yash said:   6 years ago
I think Option 3 is vague.

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