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Directions to Solve
Read each definition and all four choices carefully, and find the answer that provides the best example of the given definition.

Applying for Seasonal Employment occurs when a person requests to be considered for a job that is dependent on a particular season or time of year. Which situation below is the best example of Applying for Seasonal Employment?
The ski instructors at Top of the Peak Ski School work from December through March.
Matthew prefers jobs that allow him to work outdoors.
Lucinda makes an appointment with the beach resort restaurant manager to interview for the summer waitressing position that was advertised in the newspaper.
Doug's ice cream shop stays open until 11 p.m. during the summer months.
Answer: Option
Although the ski instructors at Top of the Peak Ski School do work seasonally, choice a does not describe anyone applying for seasonal employment. In choice b, the statement that Matthew likes to work outdoors tells us nothing about seasonal employment or someone applying for it. And although choice d describes a business with seasonal hours, it does not describe a person applying for seasonal work. Choice c, on the other hand, very specifically depicts a person, Lucinda, who is applying for a job as a summer waitress at a beach resort, which is dependent upon a particular season of the year.
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Lynnmathew said:   7 months ago
Very helpful, thanks all.

Renee Sewalia said:   2 years ago
'A' can be the answer too. The job is still dependent on particular months (here, winter).

ADITI MEHTA said:   4 years ago
I am not understanding this, please anyone explain me clearly.

Viral said:   6 years ago

This question was asked in reliance campus recruitment test 2016.

Viral said:   6 years ago

This question was asked in reliance campus recruitment test 2016.

Abel said:   8 years ago
Can you elaborate on why option 'a' can't be the answer?

Abdul said:   8 years ago
Always look for the reverse of the question and you get the answer?

Bork bork said:   9 years ago
This collided with my understanding of Seasonal Unemployment in Economics.

A Ski instructor would most likely not have the same job outside the winter season, thus deducting it should be the right answer.

Arth kohli said:   9 years ago
How can we solve this type of questions please tell me the way ?

Pavan said:   1 decade ago
Sir can you help me in solving these type of questions.

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