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Directions to Solve
Read each definition and all four choices carefully, and find the answer that provides the best example of the given definition.

Violating an Apartment Lease occurs when a tenant does something prohibited by the legally binding document that he or she has signed with a landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease?
Tim has decided to move to another city, so he calls his landlord to tell him that he is not interested in renewing his lease when it expires next month.
Valerie recently lost her job and, for the last three months, has neglected to pay her landlord the monthly rent they agreed upon in writing when she moved into her apartment eight months ago.
Mark writes a letter to his landlord that lists numerous complaints about the apartment he has agreed to rent for two years.
Leslie thinks that her landlord is neglecting the building in which she rents an apartment. She calls her attorney to ask for advice.
Answer: Option
Valerie signed a legally binding document that requires her to pay a monthly rent for her apartment and she has failed to do this for the last three months. Therefore, she has violated her apartment lease.
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Zdenek Micke said:   3 weeks ago
Here, option B is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease, as it describes a tenant who has neglected to pay rent as agreed upon in the legally binding document signed with the landlord.

Option A describes a tenant who is simply choosing not to renew their lease, which is not a violation of the lease agreement.

Option C describes a tenant who is complaining about the apartment, which is not necessarily a violation of the lease agreement.

Option D describes a tenant who is seeking legal advice about a possible issue with the building, which may or may not be related to the lease agreement.

Therefor; the correct statement is Valerie has violated her apartment lease by neglecting to pay her monthly rent as required by the legally binding document she signed with her landlord.

Yuvaraj said:   10 months ago
Please explain the answer in detail.

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