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Directions to Solve
Each question presents a situation and asks you to make a judgment regarding that particular circumstance. Choose an answer based on given information.

Mark is working with a realtor to find a location for the toy store he plans to open in his town. He is looking for a place that is either in, or not too far from, the center of town and one that would attract the right kind of foot traffic. Which of the following locations should Mark's realtor call to his attention?
a storefront in a new high-rise building near the train station in the center of town whose occupants are mainly young, childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day.
a little shop three blocks away from the town's main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next door to an ice cream store
a stand-alone storefront on a quiet residential street ten blocks away from the town's center
a storefront in a small strip mall located on the outskirts of town that is also occupied by a pharmacy and a dry cleaner
Answer: Option
This option is both near the center of town and in a location (near a school and an ice cream store) where children and their parents are sure to be around. This is the only option that meets both of Mark's requirements.
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Saloni said:   1 decade ago
Why option A is not true. ?

Kavitha said:   1 decade ago
What abour option A.. In the question itself it is given as in or near the centre. Option A place is in the centre. And the toy shall be bought by them for their near and dear ones though they are childless.. And they also have earning capacity to buy than the elementary school children, who have to get money from their parents.

Narendra said:   1 decade ago
I agree with Saloni and Kavitha....Can someone please give justification why answer A is not correct?

Deepika said:   10 years ago
I also want to know same question Why Option A is not correct?

Malik Irshad said:   10 years ago
Option A is not correct because whose occupants are mainly young, childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day.

Srivatsan R said:   9 years ago
Option A is not correct. Main reasons are, that, people who are childless don't actually know the tastes of children.

Maybe, it might even happen that people buy a toy from the shop, but that occasion will occur only during a birthday or some sort of happy occasion.

At the end of day the sales will automatically be low in number. No businessman would like to earn less profit.

Naveen said:   8 years ago
If you thing in real life is there any toy shop is nearby school no, in most cases noo.

But the above is just a question and we have to answer as per question why not an option is B because in question they emphasize that people are childless, means they would not prefer to buy toys instead of alcohal.

Cr4zy said:   7 years ago
If it was near the train station, the passengers would be focused on catching the train, not toy shops, however close to the train station the shop may be. Besides, the majority of passengers would have no interest to toys. And Mark wants the right foot traffic, so he will go with the overall majority.

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