Logical Reasoning - Logical Problems - Discussion

The logic problems in this set present you with three true statements: Fact 1, Fact 2, and Fact 3. Then, you are given three more statements (labeled I, II, and III), and you must determine which of these, if any, is also a fact. One or two of the statements could be true; all of the statements could be true; or none of the statements could be true. Choose your answer based solely on the information given in the first three facts.


Fact 1: Islands are surrounded by water.
Fact 2: Maui is an island.
Fact 3: Maui was formed by a volcano.
If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a fact?
I: Maui is surrounded by water.
II: All islands are formed by volcanoes.
III: All volcanoes are on islands.

[A]. I only
[B]. II only
[C]. II and III only
[D]. None of the statements is a known fact.

Answer: Option A


Since Maui is an island and islands are surrounded by water,Maui must be surrounded by water. There is not enough information to support statements II and III.

Asif said: (Sep 18, 2012)  
It doesn't mention that in question that "All islands are surrounded by water".

Shanic666 said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
All islands are not surrounded by water. So some are surrounded by water, some are not. So the answer should be D.

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