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Directions to Solve
Each problem consists of three statements. Based on the first two statements, the third statement may be true, false, or uncertain.

All the trees in the park are flowering trees.
Some of the trees in the park are dogwoods.
All dogwoods in the park are flowering trees.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
Answer: Option
All of the trees in the park are flowering trees, So all dogwoods in the park are flowering trees.
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Himanshi said:   7 years ago

Since first it must contain some in conclusion.

And ALL statement is not possible I in in in conclusion because in order to be all it should be distributed.

MOHA SOMALIA said:   7 years ago
It is said some followers are dogwood but it didn't say all, so I think its "False".

Rohit said:   7 years ago
How do we know that "all dogwoods are trees"?

Bay west said:   7 years ago
Since most of the trees in the park are dogwood (flowering), there might be other trees which are flowering too, for me, the answer is "uncertain".

Sneha said:   8 years ago
How can it be true? Still I didn't get it.

Mayur said:   8 years ago
Listen friend all you people told its very, simple. I agree with all but nobody is explained with tricks. How to solve such type of complex problem. If you have any ideas, tricks. Then please tell me.

Vinod said:   8 years ago
The correct answer is false. Because some of the trees in park are dogwood not all. So when we do it using venn diagram it will be wrong. So the correct answer is FALSE.

Herman said:   8 years ago
Suppose some of the dogwoods are shrubs. Then the third statement would be false. But since we don't have this information, the correct answer is "uncertain".

Abhinay said:   9 years ago
Can anyone explain me by using tick and cross mark method?

Trishul said:   9 years ago
What about those dogwoods that are in the park but are not trees so can't be flowering trees? Why are you ignoring them? Why do they get no love?

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